FEWA has maintained a membership with over 250,000 individual business women active in all aspects of enterprise including, but not limited to trade, services, agribusiness, building and construction, art and craft, manufacturing, research, development and engineering.

Purpose and Objectives of FEWA

Lobbying and advocating for Women Entrepreneur Associations (WEAs) with the objectives of influencing policy formulation, disseminating information to help women overcome gender challenges and succeed in their various business fields.

Values and Principles of FEWA

  • Transparency and Accountability: We shall deliver our services in an open and easily understood way to all of our esteemed stakeholders.
  • Integrity: We shall at all times embrace ethical and high moral standards in our work.
  • Professionalism: We shall ensure competent, efficient and effective service delivery to all our members and member organizations.
  • Courtesy and Respect: We will uphold dignity of all people in our operations both locally and internationally.
  • Equity: FEWA shall ensure fairness and justice in the discharge of duties and responsibilities to all our stakeholders.
  • Teamwork: We shall engage in collaborative efforts of all interested parties and each stakeholder’s.


Women Business Associations & Organisations, Individual Women Entrepreneurs, Chama or Registered Women’s Investment Groups and corporate organizations.

FEWA’s is the driving force behind women’s economic empowerment and the realization of an enabling business environment for ALL women entrepreneurs.

FEWA’s overriding vision is to see women positively contributing to our country’s and our region’s economic and social development. Federation of Women Entrepreneur Associations is an association designed to contribute to the overall objectives of creating greater opportunities for women, to secure decent work and income. The focus has been on the creation of jobs through women’s entrepreneurship development, and enhanced employment opportunities for the women at large.

FEWA has developed a theme around working with women entrepreneurs to advocate and lobby for support and legislation that would create an enabling environment for the women entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. They have also planned various interventions aimed at making women entrepreneur’s partners in the creation of employment through enterprise development and mentoring.

Some of our activities include:

Ø  Advocacy and lobbying

Ø  Capacity building

Ø  Entrepreneurship and business development training

Ø  Creating rights awareness

Ø  Mentoring; especially of young women entrepreneurs