Why Join FEWA Savings and Credit Cooperative Society Ltd?

  • Our products and services are tailored for your business needs
  • Excellent customer care that ensures ease and efficiency
  • Get a chance to interact, network, learn and share experiences with other women entrepreneurs
  • Provide you with advisory services for business and financial needs

How do I join?

Our common bond is ‘women entrepreneurs and professionals”. I.e. entrepreneurs, employees, professionals, chamas etc.

To Join

  • Must be a Kenyan citizen/Registered Business in Kenya
  • Atleast 18 years of age
  • Complete a Membership Application Form (you can download from our website or pick from our offices)

What do I need to join FEWA Sacco? The following documents are required:

  • A fully filled membership application form
  • A copy of the National Identity Card/Passport (Both sides)
  • A copy of pin certificate
  • Two recent color passport size photographs

After acquiring all the necessary documents, what are the steps I need to take to join FEWA Sacco?

  • Download or acquire and fill in the membership application form,
  • Attach the documents mentioned in the requirements section
  • Make payments to the FEWA Sacco bank account given
  • Drop / send the form and the bank slip to our offices at Duplex apartments, Suit no 40, off Lower hill road (next to Hass Plaza/ Hill Park Hotel)

Is FEWA Sacco membership restricted to women alone? can a man join?

FEWA Sacco aims at improving the economic and social status of women and their families. For a long time women have had little or no access to credit. 

FEWA Sacco aims at bridging this gap in the financial services sector but our focus is the family. Our dream is to inspire and empower women entrepreneurs within Kenya. That’s why our main focus is on women.

However, men are free to join the SACCO. The only limitation is on board composition, since men cannot compose more than 1/3 of the total board. Currently, the board is fully composed of women. 


Does FEWA Sacco lend to business start-ups?


FEWA Sacco offers finances to businesses that have been in existence. The track record of a business is very important in determining the ability to service a loan. We have now introduced a start-up loan for those who want to start their own business which is given out in phases. For more details check on the Products and Services page

How much money can I borrow?

The amount of the loan will depend on the size of your business. There are several loan products which suits different business needs.

What is a share?

A share represents a unit of ownership. When a member holds shares in a Society he/she partly owns it. All Sacco Societies are now required by law to have minimum share capital.

How is FEWA Sacco planning to implement the Share Capital:

New members will have a maximum of 4 months to pay the minimum share capital in full. Monthly contributions received from new members will be allocated on a 50/50 basis between deposits and share capital until the minimum share capital is met. Once you have paid the full amount you will be entitled to a share certificate confirming that you are a legitimate member of the Sacco.

Share Capital shall be clearly reflected on every member’s personal statement coded as 0001 which will show how much a member holds as Share Capital.

Why contribute the share capital? And how can I benefits as a member from contributing;

  • Shareholders shall be earning dividends annually at a rate of 2% higher than ordinary savings.
  • It confirms that you are a legitimate bona-fide Sacco member with equal voice and vote like any other member
  • Ensures the going concern status of the Society to continue serving members’ needs.
  • Ensures Society’s compliance with the requirements of the Ministry of Co-operatives and regulatory Authorities.
  • Continued ownership of the Society even after withdrawing their deposits.

Consequences to the Society for failure to comply with the New Sacco Act on Minimum Share Capital Requirement;

  • Possible cancellation of trading License
  • Weak Capital Structure which could cause financial instability
  • May expose the Sacco to litigation arising from non-payment to its creditors
  • Limit Sacco’s external borrowing ability
  • The Society may be forced to merge with other Sacco Societies to meet the minimum share capital
  • Any Sacco that will not comply within set time will be charged interest on the amount under capitalized. It will also be stopped from paying any dividends to its members until it complies.

What is the difference between deposits and shares?

  • Deposits are withdraw-able members’ savings while shares or share capital is the permanent member contribution toward the Sacco capital and forms part of Sacco equity. Shares cannot be withdrawn even on exit from the Sacco but can be transferred to another willing member.
  • Deposits earn interest while share/share capital earn dividends
  • Deposits can be used as loan security while share cannot be used.

FEWA SACCO : The financial strength for the Kenyan Entrepreneur.