The Federation of Women Entrepreneurs Associations (FEWA) is the apex body of all women entrepreneur associations working to ensure the realization of an enabling business environment for ALL women entrepreneurs.

The Federation is an effective channel through which joint programs and initiatives for women in business are channeled. FEWA has ensured harmonization of cross-sectoral issues and direct impact at policy making levels through fostering sustainable partnerships.




FEWA addresses cross cutting issues that affect women in business from all industries. We lobby and advocate for Women Entrepreneur Associations (WEAs) with the objectives of influencing policy formulation, disseminating information to help women overcome gender challenges and succeed in their various business fields.

Other activities include:

  1. Capacity building
  2. Entrepreneurship and business development training
  3. Creating rights awareness
  4. Mentoring; especially of young women entrepreneurs




FEWA is governed through a competent board of directors drawn from various industries. They are:

  • Chairperson: Ms. Joanne Mwangi
  • Vice Chairperson: Ms. Felicity Biriri
  • Secretary: Ms. Rita Ndonye
  • Treasurer: Ms. Lucy Muchemi
  • Board Member: Ms. Julia Kibore




Our membership comprises of Women Business Associations & Organizations, Chama or Registered Women’s Investment Groups and corporate organizations.

We encourage individuals to join the industry – based association that best augers with what they do. This membership of those associations that are our members makes one automatically a member of FEWA and entitles them to the full range of benefits from FEWA. Please click here to see a list of our member associations.




FEWA provides every woman entrepreneur an opportunity to receive support, encouragement and mutual learning through her membership to an association in her industry.

A business woman whose Woman Entrepreneur Association (WEA) is a member of FEWA then stands to enjoy:

  1. Access to Finance through FEWA SACCO
  2. Access to relevant and industry specific information from FEWA’s extensive networks in government, the local private sector, across the region and internationally.
  3. Access to markets through networking and linkages to opportunities provided to or by FEWA such as Trade Fairs, Shows and Exhibitions.
  4. Mentorship programs
  5. Capacity Building & Training in all areas of Business Development
  6.  Links to one’s business website on the FEWA site at subsidized rates
  7. Subsidized rates to FEWA  events and activities throughout the year
  8. Research opportunities
  9. Business Development




FEWA offices are located in Woodlands Court, along Woodlands Court off Denis Pritt Road.

FEWA can also be reached through:

Phone: 0704- 420034

Email: info@fewa.or.ke

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Federation-Of-Women-Entrepreneur-Associations-FEWA/160034194077175

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WeAreFEWA



The ILO and the Federation of Women Entrepreneur Associations have formed a partnership designed to contribute to the overall objectives of creating greater opportunities for women to secure decent work and income. Within this broad context of the Partnership Programme, the focus has been on the creation of jobs through women’s entrepreneurship development, and enhanced employment opportunities for the people with disabilities.

To do this, we have developed a theme around working with women entrepreneurs to advocate and lobby for support and legislation that would create an enabling environment for the women entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. We have also planned various interventions aimed at making women entrepreneur’s partners in the creation of employment through enterprise development and mentoring.

One such intervention is the “Month of the Woman Entrepreneur” (MOWE) celebrations. These celebrations are conducted over a period of a month featuring special events as a way of highlighting the involvement of women in business. These are a combination of different events such as seminars in gender sensitive business development services, workshops, media events, exhibitions and trade shows. These events are aimed at facilitating entrepreneurship development, primarily targeting women but also other organizations involved in small enterprise development.



The Eastern Africa Women Entrepreneurs Exchange (EAWEExN) is non-political, non-profit and for the benefit of developing Women Entrepreneurs traders from within East Africa.

The objectives of EAWEEXN are:

  • To promote the interests of members through capacity building, access to information, funding and marketing.
  • To provide a platform, both formal and informal, for the exchange of views amongst all sections of Women Entrepreneur Community of Eastern Africa as well as to create and maintain a spirit of co- operation, support and mutual goodwill among members.
  • To affiliate to other bodies or organizations, either locally, regionally or internationally, whose objects or activities may be of interest or beneficial to All members.
  • To provide advisory and facilitative role for the protection of innovations and intellectual property developed within the Membership society.
  • To carry out surveys and research relevant to the development of the woman entrepreneur




The East African Women in Business Platform (EAWiBP) is a forum that brings together business women from across the East African Community (EAC). Its membership and steering committee comprises of national apex bodies/ associations/ networks of business women/ professional women associations and civil society organizations working to promote business women and women’s socio- economic advancement.

The platform pursues to:

  1. Increase effective participation of women in business in the EAC integration processes
  2. Improve the economic contribution of women in business in the EAC partner states.
  3. Increase progression of women- owned enterprises in the EAC from informal to formal status.